From Condo to Home - the Living & Dining Rooms

Back to our regularly scheduled programming :) Let's talk design again.

Now that my bedroom is nearly finished, I'm moving on to the living and dining rooms. I should finish the bedroom first, but I'm impatient! Nothing wrong with simultaneous projects, I suppose...

The two rooms are ajacent to each other, with no divider. I am not crazy about that because it's one less opportunity to introduce another color scheme, but on the bright side I do like the openess of our condo. My other limitation is the paint color. We decided to paint before we moved in, which was tough to do before we had our furniture in place and really knew the mood we were going for. But I lost that battle! Also, I made the mistake of compromising with him on the wall color not by choosing between A and B, but choosing a shade that's sort of in between A and B! Um, yeah, don't do that! I do like the color but I'm already over it but my husband B refuses to let us repaint...

So I'm working with what I've got, and here is the color scheme:

The wall color is the middle swatch
I chose bright colors since our condo has nearly no sunlight. I came up with it late spring, hence the summery vibe. I'm sure I'll want to change it come October...

I'm tackling the dining area first, which I have already made some purchases for. I will be sharing the details with you in upcoming posts.

So, do you think this scheme works? Or should I just stick with something more subdued?

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